Explain How Professional Supervision Can Protect the Individual, Supervisor and Supervisee

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Supervision are a great communication tool with staff. From my experience of supervising staff, I became aware that the staff tend to raise issues which are essential for the safety of the staff or the people we support. For example, one of my staff team raised some concerns around a hoist and said that the hoist was not working effectively and therefore puts at risk all staff and people we support at risk. These kinds of concerns are important for the managers to be able to act upon them swiftly. It is pivotal to develop a good rapport with the staff and build a trusting relationship otherwise the supervision is not effective. During my supervision, I ask the staff routinely if they have any concerns regarding safeguarding, health and safety concerns. Any issues around safeguarding and health and safety are treated with high importance and I act on them immediately. I believe this protects and prevents any major accidents or incidents to happen. For instance, Beddoe believes that the purpose of the professional supervision from an employer perspective is to ensure public protection. This linked to the regulation in health and social care and appointing supervisors is a means of increasing professional accountability and avoiding risk by increasing surveillance of the workforce( Beddoe,2010) PJ Calpin 2012. Supervision helps to prevent or support the staff to reflect on their practice and improve it wherever one could. I often come across, that support staff raise issues around the practice of the fellow care workers in One2Ones. These issues often highlight the training needs of the individual. This helps me to develop personal development plans for support staff. I find it important that staff remain professional and factual. Feedback can be easily interpreted as criticism. To avoid this happening, I encourage the staff to reflect on the practice and encourage

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