Mgt 311 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection

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Week Three Learning Team Reflection As a team member, the lines of communication must remain open. In most corporate environments, managers often find that delegation presents as key to tackling his or her increasing responsibilities and in meeting company objectives. Effective delegation requires the delegator to identify the right person for the job. First clarifying to the associate what he or she wants the individual to do remains essential to effective delegation. Next, specify the range of employee discretion and allowing employees to become a part of the business will help the employees understand why the company has to make decisions for individual jobs. Finally, informing individuals when delegation occurs, and establish excellent feedback channels will both help accomplish the task delegated successfully (Robbins and Coulter, 2012, p. 281-282). Assignment Clarification In clarifying the assignment, it is important that a delegator understand what they are asking someone else to do and to whom it will present. Anne knew that Ricky was more than capable of completing the task. However, Anne did not consider what other projects Ricky might already be working. As a result, Ricky felt overwhelmed and repeated the same mistake when he tried asking Anne if he could push it off on Bill. Anne should have considered Ricky's current workload…show more content…
Group and organizational dynamics consist of group behavior and organizational performance. Effective communication is needed to create productive human relations. Communication is an essential part of the structure of any organization. It is imperative that the staff successfully communicate with each other, in order to productively meet each agenda (Thomas, 2005). To inform the staff that delegation has occurred, Anne should hold a department meeting. Anne can inform the staff of the current situation and make the employee's aware that the task has been delegated
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