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Managing Public Organizations Assignment #3 Fall 2013 Duane Reid 10/28/13 When reading about the case about downsizing at Dodge clinic one must think about the human resource frame. Bolman and Deal describes the human resource frame as focusing on the needs of people as well as their roles, skills, interests, values, and interactions. Some have gone so far as to claim that our faculty and staff are the only sustainable competitive advantage we have. Competitors can replicate even our most distinctive programs, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge strategies. The competitive difference is in the execution. And it takes people to execute; preferably well- trained, knowledgeable professionals…show more content…
The employees may feel a certain way about the layoff of the co-workers and also it may effect how they work. Also another thing is the loss of valuable and knowledgeable employees may affect others too. The new hire people will have no one to ask if they do not understand or know how to perform a task asked of them. This can cause serious problems for productivity and for the patients at the clinic. The last disadvantage I think will be a problem to the Dodge Clinic is employees seeking employment elsewhere because they do not feel there job is secure. You may have employees quit and go work for the competition because they feel that they are not valued enough. That can cause a chain reaction and a lot of other employees will…show more content…
The lay off process can affect a lot that has been established by the CQI. You need certain key members to have that teamwork in a company to ensure that everything is ran smoothly. You want to make sure you keep major department heads there to also make sure that you have someone with the knowledge to keep everything together. Also downsizing will affect the message the CQI is trying to set which is identifying the resources needed to begin an important and involved process of moving your workplace towards excellence. So you will need to look closely at employee skill sets and how unique are they in terms of the current and future needs at your

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