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Best practices for supervisors. Axia College of University of Phoenix Judith Hein For a supervisor to be able to effectively manage those employees under them, that supervisor needs to know some of the best practices in the areas of communication. Orientation and training, improving productivity, performance appraisals, resolving conflicts and improving relations among employees are examples of said practices. These practices will help to minimize problems within the company in each of these areas. A supervisor needs to be able to keep these practices in mind when working daily with their employees because these are common problem areas that can be displayed on a day by day basis. Supervisors should have some experience in…show more content…
That would be my first best practice. When employees know the procedures and policies they are required to abide by, and the procedures for how discipline is handle it will make situations easier to handle since all this was informed of ahead of time. It will also provide employees with an understanding that if they do something wrong so and so will happen, before hand which can deter employees from doing that certain act in the first place. Not every company has a set polices or procedure for how discipline is handled therefore this can sometimes create panic for some employees who may fear they loss of their job, simple guide lines by a supervisor can be given as to what may happen to employees when certain actions are taken or not taken. Supervisors should always be aware and encourage employees to discuss any issue with them. This will make sure that and problems the employees have, they can be dealt with early instead of turning them into grievances against the company and its workers. This would be the second best practice. When problems are dealt with when they first come up and employee feels like what concerns them is also what concerns the company and is therefore dealt with then and there or the supervisor can find out ways to deal with them. When problems are not dealt with they can become conflicts against the company that can take long times to settle since they employee most likely found someone who would listen to them. This can be an outside person who then can bring law suits or worse. This is not good for the company so these problems should be handled quickly and in the right ways when they

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