Bsbwor501A – Manage Personal Work Priorities & Professional Development

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Assessment 1 1) Perform research on the topic of personal work planning. In your own words, explain the importance of creating and maintaining personal work plans. If you are not working, but are part of an association or know of an organisation, please answer the question accordingly. It's important to develop effective strategies for managing our time at work to balance the time for more and less important or urgent and important tasks rather than those that are not so important. A personal work plan helps us to stay organized, meet deadlines and complete all the tasks involved in our job. If there is not any personal work plan, it could lead to a build up of stress. The best way how to create the personal work plan is to make a daily list of tasks that need to be done, update the plan daily, crossing off completed tasks and adding new tasks that need to be done. Urgent tasks can be highlighted. The personal plan: * Helps to focus our mind on important tasks * We are less likely to forget to do tasks * Saves time * Helps to decide on priorities * We feel more in control * There is a record of what we have done * There is always something to work on Also creating the personal work plan is important because it allows an employee the opportunity to show a manager how he/she plans to accomplish the things that are being asked of him/her. The plan can help the employee show his/her worth because it quantifies and puts into words the things that the employee does that otherwise might be unnoticed. 2) For a period of 2 weeks keep a personal paper-based or electronic (e.g. personal digital assistant) journal related to your job role. At the end of each day, make entries to answer the following questions: A. What were the most important activities that needed to be achieved today? B. How do these relate to my job

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