Mkt 500 Week 5

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CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MKT 500 – MARKETING MANAGEMENT 12 MARCH 2013 Karaoke Caterers captures email addresses of people in the targeted area, people who are interested in hotel/restaurant management and event planning, and people who may prospectively be planning a party. They do this using databases based on profiles, requests and access to history of browsers’ searches. The names in the mailing list receive notification of promotional events via email and direct mail. Flyers are provided with bulleted information of all the services provided. Commercials are aired on the local TV stations. This helps get the name out to a large part of the community. The radio station also plays commercials that list the events that are…show more content…
If something is not the way a customer wanted it to be, we try our best to accommodate the customer. Rather than being hostile, this company embraces correction and uses it as a learning tool. Being precise about what will be provided is key to reducing complaints. During operations managers will always be on site. That manager and key staff member will asked the customer before, during and after the event is there anything they would like to change. Manager will do whatever is necessary to accommodate the customer request. Karaoke Caterers is focused on customer details and is always open to improvement. REFERENCES Blodgett, J. G., Wakefield, K. L., & Barnes, J. H. (1995). The effects of customer service on consumer complaining behavior. Journal of Services Marketing, 9(4), 31-42. Innis, D. E., & La Londe, B. J. (1994). Customer service: the key to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and market share. Journal of Business Logistics, 15(1). Shemwell, D. J., Yavas, U., & Bilgin, Z. (1998). Customer-service provider relationships: an empirical test of a model of service quality, satisfaction and relationship-oriented outcomes. International Journal of Service Industry Management, 9(2),

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