HCS 475: A Career As A Leader

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Leader Vs Manager HCS 475 Joann Dade August 24, 2015 Manager Vs Leader A successful leader is someone that creates future leaders and is able to obtain loyal followers. Any leader that is able to obtain these, can and will succeed in leading his/her team to success. During my early college years, I happen to have met the best manager and leader that one can have the pleasure of working for. This manager’s name was Kristin. She was my department manager in the retail store that I worked in for a year, while still going to school. Kristin was a very hands-off manager and trusted her employees to do their jobs as she had taught them to. Each new employee that joined our team, Kristin would ensure to spend a…show more content…
This means that I too provide the necessary tools for my employees to succeed, however, I do follow through to ensure that no employee is falling behind in any of their tasks and responsibilities. I choose to focus on the positives and strengths instead of the negatives and the weaknesses. Many managers in my current firm do not take the proper time to shape their employees to be successful. I believe that the extra time that is spent training each employee, will yield higher and more positive results in the long run. By spending extra time with each employee also shows care and respect for each person. Being a good leader means caring about everyone that makes your team look great. Each employee plays a crucial role in the overall team’s…show more content…
I noticed in the past, Kristin would get close with her employees and would find it hard to address issues with them, as she considered them her friends. Making friends at work is great, however, there has to always be a fine line separating the two. As a manager myself, I am friendly with my colleagues, however, when the time comes, I have no issues when I have to address problems. I have been able to gain the respect of all my employees. When the time comes and I address things that need to be fixed, I do not receive negative feedback from my employees. They all understand the issue at hand and try to fix it, based on their roles and tasks. Overall, I believe that one can be a successful leader if they can be a successful manager. Both of these titles work best hand-in-hand. A leader is someone that leads a team toward the main goal. A manager is one that is able to provides guidelines and manage the outcome of each aspect of the goal at hand. A great leader must have the ability to step back and let his/her employee shine and take control. This will shape future leaders and will assist the team to be successful, self-managed and

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