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THROUGHT history men have been dubbed as great liars. The fact is we’re all guilty of lying; well, at least at some point or another in our lives there are no two ways about it. But is also true is that there are indeed many men that are not merely guilty of the occasional fibs; they are habitual, chronic compulsive liars. But how do we spot a serial liar? Sex Therapist Dr Sidney McGill says that the telltales of a serial liar could at first be difficult to nab but as times progresses and you begin to share the same space, familial and friendship circles it’s easier to observe spot. Below Dr McGill share some of these signs: His stories are inconsistent So it’s not a one off thing forgetting the pay the electricity bill then scurrying the next…show more content…
He will go as far as to always try to make himself the hero, always creating drama, making stories up about other people or friends that no other friend even remembers. He has a secret addiction, and even when you catch him in the act he denies it Serial liars are sometimes generated from trying all times to conceal their secret or addiction. They will spend so much time hiding their drinking, gambling or other addictions and secrets that the begin to lie about everything since this addiction will more often than not affect or spill over in other areas of their lives such as family time and finances that they will need to create stories to cover those…show more content…
They will also activate the blame game mode; some will even have big meltdowns trying to convince you they are being truthful or try to create new stories to cover up the first lies or series of lies and the cover up more often than not is exaggerative and even harder to believe than the first. Sometimes he will even try to seek revenge not only on you but sometimes whoever pointed you in the direction of the truth. His stories are unbelievable They have tons of jaw-dropping stories. But no battle wounds to match, sometimes the events in the stories seem almost impossible, pointless or the characters in the plot are either living somewhere usually far away, too young to remember or dead. He avoids eye contact with you when he is trying to explain himself or is making every effort to stare at you while giving his/her story Some serial liars are not bold enough to look in your faces and lie and this is perhaps one of the easiest signs a woman usually uses to figure out their lying man. Others are aware that women or people in general will think that you are lying so regardless of how much it takes of them they will stare, perhaps not looking directly in your eyes but at least staring at your

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