Why Do All Men Make Mistakes In Antigone

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Antigone, an outstanding play written by “Sophocles”, in this play a quote is mentioned by a blind prophet that goes by the name of Tiresias. He goes on to say in pages 111 to 112 “Think: All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil: The only Crime is pride.” Right from the beginning he wants the reader to think. That if a man has a lot or too much pride; it can be their only true crime. For example, recently a story has come out about a NBC news reporter. Who eligibly said his helicopter was shot down in the Iraq war. Remember this happened back in 2003, because of his pride and committing to the lie that burden has stuck with him and now the whole world knows he is a liar. I agree with the quote, because if a man that is successful at lying has too much pride, and won’t acknowledge when he is wrong. Which won’t allow one to learn from his mistake. During the play Creon, a noble King, imprisons a woman named Antigone. Creon arrests her because she tried to give her brother a proper burial, which is a trader. Creon then wants to put her through exile because she broke the law. However the people…show more content…
If someone does have too much pride they are often to stubborn to admit that they are wrong. Which in some cases lead to a life of crime. If a child would lie to their parents that would be so simple as to just hitting their sibling, or forgetting to take the trash out. After they would get caught up in the lie they would continue lie, and lie, and lie. It’s not that they are stupid; it’s just that their pride makes them do stupid stuff, as to admitting to their mistake and telling the truth. Also having to much pride can cause you to commit to peer pressure. For example, a teenager who hasn’t ever smoked in his life gets peer pressured into smoking, in that instance his pride would have gotten the best
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