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Lying is probably one of the most common acts people do on a daily bases. People would say the lying is always wrong, but sometimes if that person has a good purpose for a lie, that lie is not always bad. Most of the time, a person chooses to lie to maintain her social connections, protect a loved one’s feeling and to be plain selfish. People want to maintain their existing social connections, so they choose to carry on different faces, and not to speak out when there is a need of truth. They choose to do things totally against their will, and find a reason to cover up their guilt. For an example, a couple has a friend for years, due to the last 2 years, their friend discovered that the husband is cheating on the…show more content…
On the other hand, he does not point out to the husband that he is doing wrong thing . Between lie and truth, he had chosen to lie. Stephanie Ericsson author of The Way We Lie status “…I’ve discovered that I can keep anyone from seeing the true me by being selecting blatant…(309). People say the truth sometimes cost fortune. At work places, some people prefers to go with the flow,…show more content…
It was heartbreaking, but intention of this lie was done in love. Lies arise from love. When a daughter choses not to tell her parents about her broken marriage, she knows that her parents are going to worry and even get sick. She loves her parents, lying was a better option than telling truth. Furthermore a lie is about simply being selfish. A person can be lying about his qualifications just to get to that stage where he is recognized by the others. He might be suffering later on, however. If a person is short of patience, he will use all sorts of reasons to lie and just to get away from others. This way he will not waste his time and not making a bad impression on other people as well. The most selfish person will lie often about themselves doing stuff just to benefit them instead of others. Even though he knows certain things are wrong, but because of his selfishness, he chooses to trust the lies. The purpose of lies is maintaining social connections, protecting loved one’s feeling and being plain selfish. Sometimes a person does not want to hurt

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