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assigned to read the book “Lying” by Sissela Bok. Like it was said to us on the day of orientation and repeatedly while at the academy, “if you lie, you die” I think about that every day, words to live by. Obviously lying is wrong, but does it happen, obviously it does cause if it didn’t we wouldn’t have a term for it. Unfortunately the world we live in today, everybody lies. As a society I don’t think that some people don’t intend to lie to hurt someone intentionally all the time but they lie to make them feel better some times. Is this always the case, I don’t think so, I just think that as a whole society has almost condoned lying in some aspect, little white lies. As it was quoted in the book by Nietzche “There is only one world, and that is false, cruel, contradictory, misleading, senseless. We need lies to vanquish this reality, this “truth”, we need lies in order to live. That lying is a necessity of life itself a…show more content…
She had some examples but one analogy was with violence, “If at times violence can be used to counter violence, why should lies never be used to counter lies”. Where is she going with this? Is she stating that it is ok to lie to liars more though is she saying it is ok to use violence to counter violence. Throughout this book the author is stating lying is bad and deceitful but also now she is talking about is it ok to fight lies with lies. I also noticed throughout the book that when she referred to a liar it was always him or he, why does the person lying always have to be a male in her eyes. Is there an underlying issue here with the purpose of this book or is it just the times that she grew up in that she just refers to him or he, makes you think. Women are liars too and probably better liars than men, not that it matters in the whole scheme of things just something I noticed in the

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