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QNO.1. Identify and list Donna’s time management problems. Donna is given an assignment on Friday which is to be submitted on Wednesday. She is facing certain problems regarding time and stress management. Above the all she chose her bedroom to work in then she wasted her time looking for stationary and in the end she couldn’t even find a pen. Somehow she managed to borrow a pencil and when she began working on her assignment she remembers that she don’t have the notes for that specific topic. Donna decided to consult her textbook. After half an hour she gets a call from her brother asking her if she wants to visit some family friends. She decided to complete her work on Saturday. As that day even kept her busy with friends and partying coming late at home she couldn’t work. On Sunday, she visited her aunt and uncle. Donna was not able to make a proper schedule for her and at the end when she studies it was hard for her to understand the text written in the book and there was no one to help her out. This is how she couldn’t manage her time and was putting the assignment on every next day. And these problems became a major issue for her and drived her in great loss. QNO.2. List the strategies and explain how Donna could use these to overcome her time and stress management problems. Donna could use some strategies to over come her time and stress management problems. She could prioritize her work or see whatever is important for her. Donna has to set some goals so she could work to achieve them. To be able to have control over her life she needs to manage her time. Prioritizing your responsibilities and engagements is very important. Some people do not know how to prioritize and become procrastinators. Donna should prepare a “ to-do list “ putting the most important tasks at the top this would help her completing her work on time. Then the most importantly she

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