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Leadership Approach Paper Shunna Billops LDR/531 November 28, 2012 Richard Bowman Leadership Approach Paper This paper will include an overview on one major approach to studying leadership, strengths, and weaknesses of chosen leadership, example of chosen leadership, and conclusion. Leadership is a subject that has long excited interest among people. The term connotes images of powerful, dynamic individuals who command victorious armies, direct corporate empires from atop gleaming skyscrapers, or shape the course of nations (Yuki, 2010). There are several ways of defining leadership, so narrowing it down to research, longevity, success of an organization, maintaining rapport with employees, and following the mission…show more content…
This approach must know how to handle and resolve crisis when they arise. As a leader, they must show favorable behavior for the employees to mirror to have a favorable outcome. One common indicator of leader effectiveness is the extent to which the performance of the team or organizational unit is enhanced and the attainment of goals is facilitated (Yuki, 2010). Strengths The strength of the behavior approach in leadership is a situation arises, and they deal with it efficiently. Whether it is one or more issues at a time, they juggle each one to resolution. Behavior approach has two categories task and relationship. Knowing how to complete tasks is an important key for leaders, especially for deadlines to meet. Leaders also need to know how to include staff efficiently on the assignment to be finished, and have already a connection to each individual to be an effective leader. This approach strength is multitasking to get the job complete. Weakness The weakness of the behavior approach is that if there are no organizational skills to continue a thriving business, this leader will be unbalanced, unless they figure out how to combat the situation. Leaders need to know their weaknesses to…show more content…
This leader can multitask and have a connection with employees to make a difference, which is the strength for this approach. The weakness will appear to be off in organizing, but this leader will recognize and make changes accordingly, so the organization is on the right track for success. The example of Herb Kelleher is a prime example of the behavior approach, and Southwest Airlines is a thriving travel business all because he put his employees first, because they can make or break a company’s ongoing prosperous future. Good leaders are made not born (Jago,

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