The Sky So Heavy Critical Analysis

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The Sky So Heavy Response by Claire Zorn The Sky So Heavy, written by Claire Zorn and published in 2013 is a dystopian novel based around an unlikely group of friends during an impending nuclear apocalypse where death is part of the inevitable. In the beginning, the disaster traps two brothers inside their home for a number of weeks, and with supplies running low and no sign of their father or mother, the two must make a decision and decide their fate- would they let themselves die from the cold and rough measures or will they go out of a hard journey through ice and snow to find their mother, who they have savoured the thought that she will save them from this. The novel addresses the dangers of a potential nuclear war disaster, it identifies the importance of Australian culture during times of hardship and discusses the responsibilities of many other things in a 296 page book. There are many significant issues that result in quarrels throughout the story, most vividly described the frozen apocalyptic wasteland and the impending food shortages. These type of events are most commonly explored in the story through the intense word play and mental illustrations the author…show more content…
When Noll died it could have pushed Finn over the edge, just days before Noll confided in him his unwanted of dying, Finn I believe gave up on God at that time, he stopped listening to him mother and chose to make a decision for himself, Max and Lucy to be safe. I chose this quote because it really represents the feelings of God for most of the characters in the story, people cling onto some sort of hope of a God throughout. Whether you believe in God or don’t believe in Him, if a nuclear apocalypse destroys your life, just like Finn you would be contemplating if it was Gods will be done in your
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