Teirsias's Observation In Sophocles Antigone

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Teirsias’s observation.. In Teirsias’s observation he saying that it’s a moral crime to make a mistake and to have your mistake lead to something worse and you do nothing to fix it. It’s true, if you tell a lie and it makes into a bigger lie and someone is suffering from it and you do nothing about it you’re not a good person and Teiresias would also say you’re a not a good person. And if you lose your pride by fixing what you did wrong that is just one of the consequences that comes along with it. But it also depends on what your actions were, like if it was a lie and you fixed it I personally would say you’re a good person for fixing it, but if you killed someone and then you try to fix it I would say your still a bad person even if you’re…show more content…
But Haeman didn’t believe that, he wanted to marry Antigone and so when Creon was talking to Haeman, Creon said that he would not marry Antigone while she lives (1044, Antigone). So Haeman says if she dies another death will happen too (1044, Antigone). He wasn’t lying because when Antigone was buried Haeman killed himself. And that happened because of Creon’s actions. And when that happened and the choragus told Creon about what the gods might do, Creon quickly freed Antigone and was going to build a tomb for Polyneices. When Creon found out that his son killed himself because of his father’s actions he was upset. And when he also found out what the gods might do, he quickly changed his mind and tried to fix what he did. Teiresias would say Creon is a good man because he is trying to fix what he did wrong. I don’t think he is a good man just because he trying to fix what he did, but the thing is that what has happened, happened and you can’t change that. Yes he is trying fixing it but I wouldn’t call him a good man because of his actions. The actions are what make the people either good people or bad people. In Antigone there are both bad and good people. In Teirsias’s mind he would probably say they were all good people because when they did something wrong they tried to fix it. I don’t see it that way and that’s just me people see things different. You can chose whether to think they are good or bad

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