Summary Of The Things They Carried 'And Fallen Angels'

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Analysis of “The Things They Carried” by William Timothy O’Brien Among the two stories in which is analyzed and compared are “The Things They Carried” and “Fallen Angels”, which represents the point of view for surviving a war. Both of the books also talks about how they were doing in the war. The stories expressed some type of racism in it. In fallen Angels it talks about how Richie met two new recruits named Peewee and Jenkins. Both stories spoke of the order to anchor their narratives to a larger world, but also because they were unable to escape the often terrifying memories of their war experience. Several of this issues that are intangible, including guilt and fear, while others are specific physical objects, including matches, morphine,…show more content…
It was like he never did stop thing about her and what he wanted to do to her. Jimmy Cross, for example, feels denied after the war because his hope for happiness in Martha is dashed by her rejection. One day they were talking and she was telling him that you’re not like other guys at first he didn’t know what she was talking about until she gave him a little more information. That was when he was telling her that he wanted to and she said I’m glad that you didn’t try it. During the story it also describes their attempts to converse with an A&W employee, but no one will offer them consolation. O’Brien himself realizes that if he didn’t have writing to work through his trauma, he might be in wretched into a place as Bowker. Both stories also talk about the tragedy of the deaths that were occurring. In The Things They Carried Kiowa was an loved member of the alpha company and O’Brien friend. Although O’Brien is unclear about whether or not he actually threw a grenade and killed a man outside My Khe, his memory of the man’s corpse is strong and recurring, symbolizing humanity’s guilt over war’s horrible acts. Norman was right on the side of him when he died, after about a couple of years passed by after the war he was in Kiowa home town he started crying because he didn’t do anything to try to save him. In Fallen Angels Richie see’s how almost his whole team died he and Peewee were the only ones that survived, which emphasizes the theme of youth and innocence. In calling the novel Fallen Angels, the author implies that the soldiers’ youth and innocence are more important than any of their other aspects, such as their religion, ethnicity, class, or race. They wanted them to know what war is really like and wants to help them understand what is experienced. The contrast between the myth and reality of the war makes it almost impossible for them to write to them

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