Life as We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer

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Journey and self-discovery is based on going through a series of events that lead up to uncovering a true understanding of what kind of person someone is. In the novel, Life as We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer, main character Miranda experiences life at its worst possible state. She battled for survival for her and her family, making the ability to live a challenge. The novel Life as We Knew It portrays the theme of journey and self-discovery through Miranda’s hardships, when she copes with them, realizes her true colors, and what makes her unique. Survival. Achieving this can bring out the worst in people. When the world turns around like it did for Miranda, life would never be the same. An unpredicted disaster has taken a toll on the world. A meteor struck the moon and moved it closer into orbit changing centrifugal forces and causing worldwide tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and that’s just the start. Without a care in the world is how Miranda’s life was at the beginning. A normal lifestyle is what she lived. She lost her best friend when Becky passed away. That was the cause of Miranda, Sammi, and Megan to grow apart, and their strong friendship would never be the same. Dealing with death gave Miranda the strength to fight through any pain because to lose a loved one is one of the hardest situations to go through. As years passed Miranda became stronger and more understanding to the fact of death, but she never forgot. Life carried on as usual until one day there were astronomers on the news informing the public about an upcoming meteor that they would be able to see one night. As Miranda and her neighbors watched the “once in a lifetime” event, they noticed the meteor had struck the moon, and the moon instantly god bigger. It was pushed closer into orbit, causing many problems for humanity. The moon is the center of all

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