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Life As We Knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer is a fictional book about the moon getting hit by a huge asteroid. In this novel the people have to live through this event. It may not sound like a big deal but the moon controls a lot actually like tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Life As We Knew It, written by Susan Beth Pfeffer is a worthwhile book for several reasons. The setting appeals because it describes how the world has become chaos because a meteor hit the moon which knocked it closer to earth, the characters are interesting and the action is terrifying when the meteor hits the moon and everyone was excited to see it happen but no one expected the moon to come close to earth.This…show more content…
To her its all about staying alive and helping family no one else matters. To begin with, the setting is crazy at first because there was thunder, lightning and lots of rain in Springfield. After a while things start to be a little more normal until it was December that’s when they first started to get snow and it was freezing so everyone had to move together in the sunroom where it was a little bit more warmer so none of them had privacy. In addition, the main characters are Miranda, Matt, Jonny, and their mom. Two special traits they exhibit are that they all love eat other and are willing to do anything for one another. What they want most is to stay alive and get through the horrible time they are experiencing. But they are willing to die for one another. The most suspenseful part of the story occurs when Miranda is walking into town all alone threw a snow blizzard just to see if she would find mail from her father but the post office was closed. As the reader thinking she was going to die by the time she got there but she even made it to city hall and they gave her a bag of food and then I thought she was going to get home and find everyone

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