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1. How might the implications of the P-O-L-C framework differ for an organization like Goodwill Industries versus a firm like Starbucks? Both companies share the planning concept where both have to set objectives and work toward achieving them. The difference in between Goodwill and Starbuck is that the first is a non-profit organization while the latter is a profit organization. Goodwill is focused on helping people in need and improve their social situations. Goodwill has no other competitive companies, which regardless of its limited disperse to only 179 locations, the company did a great job in providing job offers for people in need and help them get economic stability. On the other hand; Starbucks, due to its competition with other similar companies, and its profit focus, has to push more within the market, spread itself, and increase its concentration within the cities. By increasing their concentration in the cities, they target and attract more people around them, makes it easier for the customer to find a store and go into it. Starbucks will go into a deeper strategic planning due to the presence of competitive companies that act a threat to the company income. Starbucks will also have to work on the weak points in the company structure in order to attract more customers. Achieving this strategic planning has to be accompanied with tactical and operational planning that supports the overall plan. Organizing is something very important for the success of any company that is out in the society. With respect to Starbucks, organizing is a very important aspect of their management due to the fact that the company depends on profit. This means, lack of organization will lead to the lowering of the company’s profit. In addition, companies like Starbucks will be more concerned with job fatigue resulting from repeating the same work over and over by the same

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