Wal Mart Sustainability

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Chapter 4 Case Study TWO MODELS OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY WALMART AND STARBUCKS XXXXXXXX XXXXXX Professor XXXXXX Seminar in Advertising and Promotion Week 4, Individual Assignment January 29, 2014 TWO MODELS OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY WALMART AND STARBUCKS BACKGROUND Sustainability is a critical issue for businesses, customers and individuals. Global corporations are concerned about their competition, strong earnings, and consumer perception. Corporate sustainability practices often have taken center stage in the eyes of the global consumer. This work examines the publicized mission statements of two icons of environmental activism and compares the effectiveness of their respective media positions. I will analyze and critique their advertising and sustainability promotion efforts, both internally and externally. A balcony view of their respective plans, directives and social impact will be discussed, and I will offer assessment on the clarity of their sustainability message and what efforts provided the most beneficial response. This paper will compare the methods and effectiveness of their sustainability programs. The results of the comparison may surprise you. ANALYSIS The stark differences in the patron demographics of both Starbucks and Wal-Mart deserve careful review. Although each use markedly different methods of outreach and advertising, it can be argued they have a common goal with regard to sustainability: 1. Make conservation efforts, provide data that clearly shows human benefit. 2. Disseminate the efforts to its demographic audience using all forms of media. 3. Track consumer sentiment to understand the ad promotion effectiveness. Wal-Mart and Starbucks are two icons of successful businesses with well-publicized sustainability goal (CSR) models that profess

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