Starbucks Environmental Factors

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Environmental Factors Paper MKT 421 January 30, 2012 Intro Global economics is a fundamental venture in which corporations must participate to enable a company to cultivate a thriving and growing culture. Companies seek out global ventures with the anticipation of a new market and revenue source. Analyze the influence of global economic interdependence and the effect of trade practices and agreements. Starbucks is a company that is well versed in the daily acquisitions of global economics. From the beginning, Starbucks has an initial stake in global economic. The coffee beans that Starbucks uses to make the robust brands of coffee all begin in the rich soil of foreign countries. Global economic interdependence does relate to Starbucks and management is well aware of this importance. Starbucks global interdependence is an imperative necessity that will generate revenue for Starbucks. Revenues are globally impacted because of essential materials from specific countries. International free trade agreements were enacted to defuse tariffs, duties, and any other obstacle that would halter the transfer of goods and money between countries. Free trade agreements would benefit Starbucks because it would allow the transfer of materials and monies. Free trade allows Starbucks to explore the international market and venture out to new customers. Over the years Starbucks has grown to understand the importance of working together and taking care of one’s investments. One way of ensuring that Starbucks always gets the best products (materials) is through ethical sourcing programs. Starbucks is committed to always buying and making available the best high quality, responsibly grown, and ethically traded coffee that will help create a better future for farmers. Examine the importance of demographics and physical infrastructure. Analyze the influence of

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