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STARBUCKS What were the keys for success for Starbucks in building the brand? Answer: There were some factors that are related with the success for Starbucks in building the brand. They are: 1. Offer consumers what they love. 2. Consistency and sell only”best-of-class”coffe. 3. Focus on capturing consumer's attention. 4. Understand the economics of your business 5. Ability to think outside the box. 6. The logo and its color were changed. What was their source of equity? Answer: Starbucks deals with brand equity by always taking the future into account. By this I mean that they switched from selling coffee beans and equipment to being a coffeehouse which got everything started. Starbucks deals with customer equity by having highly trained as well as skilled employees. By training an employee in correctly they will know how to do their job in a fast and efficient manner impressing customers who go there for the convenience. Starbucks also assembled several policies regarding partner compensation and benefit packages. Starbucks deals with brand equity by continuing to focus on the customer and his/her point of views. They position themselves by appealing to adults of all ages. What were their brand values? Answer: Starbucks is a mass brand attempting to command a premium price for an experience. Starbucks adopters who valued the club-like atmosphere of relaxing over a quality cup of coffee found themselves in a minority. To grow, Starbucks increasingly appealed to grab and go customers for whom service meant speed of order delivery rather than recognition by and conversation with a barista. Starbucks introduced new store formats like Express to try to cater to this second segment without undermining the first. Starbucks introduced many new products to broaden its appeal. These new products undercut the integrity of the Starbucks

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