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Final Marketing Plan MKT/421 Final Marketing Plan This company specializes in a medium priced coffee that would appeal to all income classes. The company specialized it by using a single origin coffee bean. The company decided on a 100% Arabia bean from Costa Rica because it has great soil to grow coffee beans in. The company will provide marketing information for the sale of whole bean, ground, and espresso pods. The name of this company is Caffe Umbria. Caffè Umbria is currently served in hundreds of cafés and fine dining establishments throughout North America, from the Bellagio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas to the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. To each of their customers, Caffe Umbria guarantees unmatched…show more content…
Shops should be located near campuses and open later so that students up late studying can get great coffee later at night. Locations should also be located in shopping centers where middle-class families frequently shop like shopping centers that contain toy stores, pet shops, and department stores that cater to the middle-class needs on the correct price point. The age ranges that are in the target market would be those between the ages of 18 and 40 when the desire for specialty coffee is there but also the need for a strict budget. Psychographic factors include buyers who like the status of specialty coffee, need the boost of caffeine, enjoy a relaxing place to sit and visit with friends, and college kids who need the focus that caffeine provides along with a quiet place to study. Fancier coffee has become associated with higher society, and class and consumers want to buy something that will give them this satisfaction and the product that they enjoy. College students do not plan ahead of time so something they can grab on their way is a great product and providing more quality for only a smaller premium than other leading coffee shops will give them a satisfying choice they can get on their budget. Middle-class families tend to be on the move for extra-curricular activities, and this means meals and coffee on the go, meaning a need for healthy options for snacks…show more content…
The products will be served in a friendly manner and the atmosphere will be a serene one that will leave our customers feeling satisfied after their encounter with our company. This will cause our business to succeed and thrive throughout the years. Caffe Umbria’s ideology is to provide its target market with high quality but mid-priced coffee on the go and in bagged blends to make and serve at home. By providing a cheaper alternative to places like Starbucks and other name brand expensive coffee shops, Caffe Umbria must make many smart choices when it comes to planning pricing, packaging and distribution. Companies with smaller profit margins must create a larger following of loyal customers because they need to rely on the quantity of customers, not the markup, for their profits. Caffe Umbria will charge $2.00 per 16oz cup of coffee to keep it below the national average cost while not compromising quality of the product. Packaging needs to stay small for purchase in store and online for home brewers so that the customer still gets the same fresh taste at home as they do in the cafes and extra care should be taken to ensure the freshness of the coffee, safety of the packaging, and the shrink in the packaging process. The lower the costs in shrink of packaging and

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