Broadway Cafe

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Abstract In order to remain competitive within the growing market and attract new customers to the Broadway Café, an e-business strategy need to be deployed. We will be integrating strategies that not only pertain to sales, but also marketing, finance, accounting, and customer service. These strategies should increase sales, provide online customer service, and help enter the café into the global market. From a marketing standpoint, we will be implementing the beginning of selling several products online B2B and B2C. Adding an e-business will also allow better interaction with suppliers on the global market as well. Overall, the e-business will provide a twenty four hour order and support site that runs with a low cost of overhead and reaches an unlimited market that only the internet can provide. Broadway Café Project Focus What Type of e-business would you deploy at The Broadway Café? In order to make the café more competitive, since business is steadily declining, the idea of implementing an e-business is a great idea. This would allow for non-perishable products such as coffee to be sold on a global market. There is more…show more content…
This would provide a new level or marketing and several new avenues for lower cost advertising that wouldn’t be possible without proper internet marketing for the café. The e-business would allow for the products to be sold online on an automated ordering system that doesn’t require any face to face interaction and the user controls the order. We now can sell more coffee and penetrate new geographical areas that wouldn’t be possible from the actual store location. Also, the café can conduct business 24 hours without the physical location even being open. This should definitely help with sales since the overhead for the e-business requires little attention besides processing the orders once they are
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