Just Us. Marketing Case Analysis.

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William Torres Comm 352 10937081 Just Us! Strategic Issues Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative has enjoyed growth over their start up phase and is wishing to expand further. Just Us! Coffee Roasters operates in the niche market of Fair Trade Coffees. Just Us! Coffee Roasters is wishing to expand their company, thus profits, which means that they face more competition from outside their niche market. As a result, Just Us! Coffee Roasters now must compete on a large scale against strong mainstream competition and well established local and international brands. Making the decision to go mainstream, competing against well established brands, is highly important and critical to Just Us! Coffee Roasters’. If Just Us! Coffee Roasters prolongs their decision to act they risk reducing growth as a company, and reduce their strong brand image in the public’s current perception as a proactive advocate of fairness and equality for the coffee producer. Current Situation Strengths - Just Us! Coffee Roasters’ brand equity is what drives the company forward. Customers base their decision to purchase coffee from Just Us! Coffee Roasters as a symbol of their own personal beliefs, demanding ethical business practices and quality of product. Just Us! Coffee Roasters image also attracts a passionate following. Weaknesses - Just Us! Coffee Roasters operates as a co-operative. Not only must they operate to fulfill shareholders expectations, but they also must operate in a manner that is expected of the values that the company had initially set out with. Jeff and Debra Moore, are bound to creating a profit while maintaining the appropriate image and practiced that they initially based their company on. Upon entering the next phase of the company’s life cycle, Jeff and Debra must maintain operations under strict control of their original company values as they compete against

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