Keurig Coffee Maker

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Liberty University Final Group Paper BUSI520 –B21 Jeffrey Wietholter, Nathaniel Martin, Richard Oros, John Rafoss, Kevin Staples March 7, 2012 Executive Summary Keurig is today’s fastest growing home and business single cup coffee maker. Their invention of the single K-Cup coffee roasting product has revolutionized the coffee industry. Keurig today is a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR). GMCR prides itself on producing premium all natural coffee beans and is now providing the coffee for Keurig’s K-Cups. Written below is an integrated marketing analysis of Keurig’s current business. Information such as the background, market research, branding, services, and marketing are covered on the Keurig company. Keurig Today’s world runs on speed and efficiency. The same necessities are required out of people. When one needs to get an energy boost, they will usually turn to coffee. In past years, coffee was a slow product to make unless one wanted to pay for a premade cup brewed at a store. According to The Keurig Story (2012), since 1998, Keurig has changed the market by offering an at home single cup coffee maker with speed and efficiency that the consumer market demands. Product Description Single cup coffee brewing systems are the leading technology in the coffee industry today. Keurig, Inc. is among the top producer of the single cup coffee brewing systems. Until the late 1990s, one would have to take the time grind, bag, water, filter, and then wait for their coffee to be made in a slow time consuming process. With Keurig’s idea, one would simply insert a single premade cup of their desired mix, and the Keurig machine would then produce their drink within a minute or less (The Keurig Story, 2012). Product & Firm History The name Keurig is derived from the Dutch word for excellence. Excellence is exactly what the founders
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