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Q1. "Business Strategies" Determine the factors that should be evaluated when creating competitive strategy of a business. For each factor, indicate its significance. Provide support for your answer. Starbucks Strategies: Starbuck focuses over product quality in order to maintain their good will, and to provide customers a valuable coffee. That may not only serve just like an ordinary coffee, instead it forces them to feel a better and unique taste too. They choose quality coffee beans from collective suppliers and after a process they produce a quality product. Starbucks has three reportable operating segments: International, United States (US), and Global Consumer Products Group (CPG). Its Seattle's Best Coffee operating segment is reported in other with its Digital Ventures business. Evaluate whether or not the business strategy is dictated by the industry or type of business. Provide an example of an industry and your rationale. Starbucks has its stores internationally, serving more than 80 countries worldwide. For every year they set their strategies, and all elements of their strategies is quite different. The strategy of the industry and the effectiveness of the International Coffee Organization are dependent on producers and consumers pulling together as one, united global coffee industry, engaging that same philosophy of cooperation. Starbuck believes that a potential customer may enhance their business and that’s why they care their customers, they give the respect, deal them in a professional way, and treat them like their family. Q2. "Panera Bread" Evaluate Panera Bread’s strategy and its effectiveness with executing the strategy within the competitive fast-casual restaurant marketplace. Panera Bread offers handcrafted, fresh-baked, artisan items such as breads, bagels, muffins, scones, rolls and sandwiches, as well as soups, salads, and

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