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Peapod- Driven to be the Best Peapod, one of America’s leading Internet grocers, founded in 1989 by the brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson is one of the successes in this industry. This company convinces customers to shop online because Peapod’s has more than 8,000 offerings, is well priced and has a diverse product selection. Now Peapod, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold, serves 15 U.S markets and delivers to a lot of customers each year. Peapod mission is “to amaze and delight its customers” and they have been doing just that. In a service company like Peapod quality play's the role of better service to make happy consumers by being faster and cheaper. The role that productivity plays is that since it is an Internet grocer the product will be unlimited for all buyer. The stores will have more time to start making more products if they think is needed and would not over produce products that won’t be obtain by buyers. The difference between the quality and productivity from Peapod and a manufacturing company is that in Peapod the quality and service for the customers is easier because it is via Internet and it provides reliable performance. The productivity is better to be by Peapod because you won't have the problem of over producing products and then loosing extra money; which would bring to a bad economic decision. The impact of Peapod's acquisition by food retailer Ahold was that it brought more and more costumers thanks to the fast delivery. Also it helps Ahold because they started making higher volumes do to that the purchases lower-prices; lowering distribution and transportation costs. Ahold markets and delivers to more than 235,000 customers each year thanks to the Peapod’s Internet grocers. The company manage transportation is not a bad investment. The driver is paid a specific amount each time it transport products. A driver

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