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Pest Analysis Future Legislation There is talk of new legislation where alcohol prices will increase to reduce people drinking too much. It has long been thought that raising alcohol prices through taxation will reduce alcohol sales and related problems associated with drinking. Recession With the way the economy has gone of recent, Tesco are auspicious that they have not been as badly affected as some retailers by the recession. Tesco have marketed themselves to sell to everyone and to show this they offer a range of products from and services from value to finest prices as a result appealing to all segments of the market. However the positive effect of a recession for Tesco is that a lot of customers eat out less and eat more at home which give Tesco an opportunity to increase their output and come up with cheaper alternative meals to getting a takeaway or going to a restaurants. Competing Technology I think the use of technology has made Tesco a top competitor in the market. They have capitalised on the use of online shopping and provide a delivery service through their website www.tesco.com, this is very useful for people who may not have time to go to the shops they can simply order everything they want online. Also I think that the ageing population would also find online shopping more convenient if they were able to assess and utilize the website. Tesco have also set up their own mobile service which is growing in popularity. Ethnic Factors With the increase in Immigration of Eastern Europeans and young professionals, Tesco have broadened their range of products so there is something for everyone. They have a lot off different ethnic foods and also have a polish section with all there different types of foods. Also there has been an increase in meals for one or quick microwavable meals for people on the go. Swot Analysis

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