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Strengths Wal-Mart has a profusion of strengths which is apparent due to its outstanding success. This retailer is the largest in the United States and a place to get a respectable job without a college degree. Criticisms have been made how Wal-Mart pays low wages, but this still gives people jobs and being employed is important in this economy. Wal-Mart beats the competition by saving families hundreds if not over a thousand dollars a year with their aggressively low pricing strategy. Slashing prices as they have over the many years lures in consumers to bring in more sales. Wal-Mart’s rapid growth strategy is aggressive as well. In 2003, 425 stores were added. Then, consumers demanded Super Centers so Wal-Mart supplied 4,000 globally. This leader began its massive international expansion of stores from “2,181 in 2006 to 2,757 in 2007 and 3,121 in 2008. In the United Kingdom, there are approximately 342 stores” (www.walmartstores.com). Unforgettably so, Wal-Mart has the second biggest net sales in the world and is because of their aggressive growth strategy. This industry leader has a competitive advantage over other retailers because of their large size, the ability to provide very low prices yet still earn revenue gains every year. In most cities, a few Wal-Marts can be found. Another advantage over the competition is being open 24 hours because most competitors cannot stay open as long. The competition at night may consist of select pharmacies and /or general stores, but they are usually more expensive and carry smaller selections. Wal-Mart notices all income levels shop for their necessities, but they want to revamp the look and provide an upscale appearance to attract all type of clientele. Wal-Mart’s has a competitive advantage because of their incredible logistics system. They have several distribution centers enabling them to ship merchandise from

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