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T. J. Maxx’s Marketing 1 T. J. MAXX’S MARKETING STRATEGY By: Carol Hall BUS: 235 – Introduction to Marketing Instructor – Vicki Long T. J. Maxx’s Marketing 2 My all time favorite store is T. J. Maxx. I enjoy TJ Maxx for their trendy styles and affordable prices. Along with these two attractions, TJ Maxx is also famous for the colorful décor that is very appealing from the curb. Because of the vast diversity of products that are offered at T. J. Maxx, this outlet would fall under the retail umbrella of outlets. “T. J. Maxx is the leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the United States and worldwide, ranking 119 in the most recent Fortune 500 listings and ranked #1 on The Boston Globe 2010 Globe 100 list” T. J. Maxx’s competitive advantage of its competitors is really not amongst competitors because the normal stores that a consumer would shop prices in comparison with T. J. Maxx would usually be Marshall’s. Marshalls just happens to be owned by T. J. Maxx, therefore there is a dominant factor in the field of competition because T. J. Maxx has saturated the market that if you one does find a better price at Marshall’s, T. J. Maxx still reaps the harvest of that sale. As mentioned, the bright, colorful décor that T. J. Maxx uses to dress up their stores is a great leap towards attracting consumers. Consumers are usually not drawn into stores that are bland or dull, however color appears exciting and fun, therefore one is more apt to enter into the bright colorful store versus the dull, plain store. The layout of the store however, is not as spacious as one would appreciate. The appearance of the store gives a feel that T. J. Maxx’s goal with the lay-out of the store is to get as much merchandise visible as possible. There are signs that hang from the ceilings that indicate the different departments such as:

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