Differences Between E-Tailer And Persuasive Messages

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E-tailer & Persuasive Messages By, Dale Kowalczyk 9/2/2012 Week Two COMM470 Ms. Kachmor E-tailer & Persuasive Messages Introduction When consumers look into the true meaning of E-tailer it is derived from electronic retailer. E-tailer has shaken the world as we once known it. The need for retail shops is growing lesser and lesser as stores move to the online networks. Consumers look at stores like BestBuy and see then struggling to stay afloat. Since the birth of online networking the growing E-tailer store are at front of all consumer purchases. The ability of these stores to run online allows the middle man…show more content…
When stores offer discounts on a certain day “Black Friday” people will wait outside store. Consumers can do their shopping from home. People are able to look at all the product that they are looking to buy and find the best one that will fit their need. This can be done right from one place, their home. The ability to shop from one place is more effective than driving around to several stores and hopes to get the things that they want. The time and money that is saved from this is remarkable. Each year online sales grow and consumersr traditional retailer stores lower in sales. The need for huge malls is becoming a thing of the past. In 2010, the total e-retailers sold more than $412.491 billion worth of merchandise, up from $129.797 in 2009. (Davis,…show more content…
Search engines are the driving source for online shopping. When consumers can type in a name of a product and click search hundreds of stores come up with pricing of the product. People like choices, and would rather search through the web for the best product and pricing. Associability plays key role in the success of companies. Companies have to pay a huge price to have their store front at the top of the search list. For consumers the ability to look at items within seconds helps in the sale of it. Some sites consumers can sample the product on line. Music, Television shows, Movies, and computer programs allow consumers to preview it before consumers buy

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