Dollar General Case Summary

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Running head: Dollar General 1 Dollar General Columbia College RUNNING HEAD: Dollar General 2 Dollar General Dollar General is the leader when it comes to discount dollar stores with an annual profit of more than $12.73 billion a year. The major competition in the dollar discount stores for Dollar General in order are Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree. Another key player in discount stores is Walmart, although not a dollar discount store Walmart dominates all markets with $419.24 billion in revenue. 2011 brought on a year of expansion for Dollar General with plans to open up 650 new stores and remodel another 550 creating 6.000 new jobs in additional employees. Dollar General in owned by Koldberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P (KKR) who own more than 79% of all shares in Dollar General. Some argue that part of the reason Dollar General has been so successful as of late is attributed to the economic crisis the United States experience during the second half of the 2000s. Economist believe that consumers will not shop at the Dollar General as much as the economy improves. In an effort to retain their existing customers and recruit new ones as the economy strengthens, Dollar General has begun to stock name brand items. Some analysts also believe that even when the economy improves, your average consumer will still look for ways to save money and continue to frequent the dollar discount stores. Finally it is the opinion of a third analyst that it is all dependent sustainable job creation. Not any job, but one with a livable income that can support a family. Without a living wage consumers will continue look for inexpensive ways to shop. RUNNING HEAD: Dollar General 3 The keys to Dollar General’s success have been location, product selection, and the decision to renovate vs building a new location.

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