Is Google Too Invasive?

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Google has established itself as the most popular search engine in the world through its efficiency, providing users with what they need to know. The information provided to the users comes at a price of privacy of the users. In order to generate its absurd revenue, Google requires advertisement, which in turn needs more information on the user thus providing a better match in advertisement to each individual. Upon stepping into hardware manufacturing by purchasing Motorola, Google has reached deeper into people’s private lives. This leads to the question, at what point does this become too much? Although all of this information gathered by Google is used to improve the accuracy of result for searches for a particular individual, there is uncertainty around its future. Google’s revenue depends on advertisements; therefore they want the best possible match in order to increase their revenue. Due to the fact they are a business, they will continue non-stop to gather more and more data, taking more and more privacy from individuals for their own good. Google’ ideal situation is to have everyone connected on the web, and as they’re enter the mobile world it will enable them to obtain more information. We are mere puppets on strings to Google who’s channeling us to what they want us to do. Gradually, they will acquire everything until we have no privacy to ourselves. This situation has already gone to far and needs to be re-evaluated before Google marches into our lives. There are many different options preventing and reducing the amount of privacy that Google is able to obtain from you. The first and foremost is the self-conscious choice of staying away from technology, an option that is unlikely due to the way the world is today. Instead of having names attached to the information, people should have the choice to become anonymous, have their names

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