Bus 409 Week 8 Assignment

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Week 8 Assignment Shannon Parks Marilyn Fitzpatrick BUS 409 May 27, 2012 1. Describe the differences between job analysis and job evaluation and how these practices help establish internally consistent job structures. Job analysis is a way for a company to gather, document and analyze different information so that the company can describe the different jobs that are within the company. A job analysis will tell the content of the job duties the requirement of the workers and what the conditions that the worker will be in. Job evaluation is what a company uses to recognize the differences in the relative worth between jobs and by using this it will help establish pay differentials. By using…show more content…
When a company requires a person to fill a job they could have an open position for they will seek the best person for the job. If this entails a certain level of education or a certain skill the company will have to assign a higher rate of pay. A job that does not require a high level of education will allow for a lower rate of pay. Even though the internally consistent compensation system can be a wonderful thing to add into any company it can pose a big challenge to the companies competitiveness. This system that is founded on the job analysis has lead to a formal structure job descriptions which is how the pay scale the company uses is put in place. Employees will step up and help the company by doing other duties or help with the duties of new positions so the company can stay competitive in the market. Companies will ask employees to do this if they have had to cut staff or if they are adding certain jobs to the company but do not want to add any more staff. In order for the company to stay competitive with other companies each company will need to have policies in place that will help and maintain what they have already established. By having these policies it will show that the company is willing to be competitive and will do what it takes to recruit and retain employees. There is a problem with a policy like this. It would not be a low cost strategy. Companies would be paying more for certain jobs or all jobs but they would be paying a lot in compensation. To do this the company would have to take away from other parts in the company like training, development and growth. 3. Two employees perform the same job and each received exemplary performance ratings. Discuss whether it is fair to give one employee a smaller percentage merit increase because his pay falls within the 3rd quartile but give
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