Tanglewood Case 6

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Tanglewood Case 6 (Interview) 1.) Although having a resume and validating all of the potential applicants KSAO’s are an important step in the hiring and candidate selection process, I feel that the most important part of the hiring process would have to be the actual job interview. According to Bianca Audra she claims that standardized interview procedures yield in hiring a better quality of candidates than performing unstructured interviews. I think that by increasing the number of test or the number of forms that candidates have to take or fill out for the position of store managers will not suffice nor yield better results. The method that Tanglewood currently uses to hire managers is similar to the method that is used to hire store associates. I feel that a change is required when it comes to the selection plan if Tanglewood expects to hire the best employees out there. The department manager position requires that the potential employees take on a greater responsibility, and perform their work more intelligently. So in order to accomplish that, and hire employees that will perform those types of duties, Tanglewood must tailor our selection methods to match the specific KSAO’s that are required for the position. The more closely we measure the applicants KSAO’s to match to what is required for the position at hand the better results we would produce. We cannot accomplish that if we continue to completely apply our current selection plan across all positions within the store. I recommend that Tanglewood develop and update our current selection process to include a standardized interview procedure for department managers. The predictors that I have chosen to use for the selection plan format are: Education Check Experience Check The Retail Knowledge Test Marshfield Applicant Exam The following table assesses Tanglewood’s current assessment
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