Human Resource Essay

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QUESTION 4 Evaluate the benefits for TESCO of using both interviews and assessment centers in the selection process. Selecting the best applicants is important for TESCO because employee plays an important role in shaping company performance. One of the benefits using both interview and assessment centre is they could get the most suitable worker to fill the vacancies. Worker is a very important part of a company. If employees could not solve task given, this would affect TESCO’s performances. So, TESCO needs to select the best applicants to make sure that they could finish their task. In order to get the best applicants for the job, TESCO’S initiative to use both interview and assessment centre is a smart way to filter the applicants. Using assessment centre itself only cannot ensure that the particular applicants have the capability of filling the blanks. This is because some people tend to lie about their background that a company like TESCO itself cannot detect that the applicants were laying. Other than that, background check under assessment center could help TESCO to ensure that the applicants do not have bad reputation when serving in the previous company. Assessment center was used by many companies including TESCO and their main competitor GIANT. Assessment center plays a big role in selecting employee because this method would help a company to evaluate workers either before selected or after working for the company. In order to ensure that the applicants were not lying about their background, so TESCO make a decision to do the second interview so that the interviewer can observe the applicants their selves. The benefit of using interview is that TESCO could see personal skills that a person has and could not be stated in paper such as traits behavior, attitudes, self confidence, and body language. If TESCO yet to find a middle manager or any other
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