Poor Supply Management Leadership: the Detriment to Organizational Success

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Abstract A popular quote concerning supply management is “An army marches on its stomach” spoken by one of history’s greatest generals, Napoléon Bonaparte. Another popular quip is “You can’t fly without supply” used mostly by the military, but applies in spirit to the private sector as well. Poor supply management leadership can bring an entire organization into fiscal crisis. Without strong leadership in an organization’s Purchasing and Supply Management department, budgets are unreliable, policies are ineffective, and the Purchasing staff is dysfunctional. There is, however, a difference between management and leadership. Which is more effective for efficient and effective supply management? First of all the Purchasing or Materials Management division of a company must align its objective to the organization’s objective. Supply Management professionals must be involved from the start in the development of the company’s business plan to represent the customers’ potential issues. Also, any changes to the business plan will need supply management’s assistance to implement the changes successfully. Under-valuing of supply management by the upper management of an organization is a fast way to lose profit potential and improved business operations. Supply managers have a responsibility to be flexible and creative to adapt to the challenges facing organizations in the 21st century. Materials Management leaders must be up to date on supply management trends and enthusiastic toward the success of the supply management team; fostering a self-leadership model. Supply Management professionals are called on more and more to be part of cross-functional teams, but not as much as they should to make a project successful. Today’s supply management professionals are well versed in project management, and can achieve their full potential with strong leadership.

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