Gb540 Unit 3

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STRATEGIC RECRUITMENT Ryan Kerstetter GB540-03N December 2, 2014 Strategic Recruitment Introduction: A Competition for Talent Top-level talent acquisition is vital to the success and sustainability of all businesses today. Employee recruitment is no longer to the boundaries of the town, city or community, in which, a firm operates or has an office. Every facet of business has become globalized, and because of this, companies are able and many often chose to recruit both domestically and internationally. Describing the talent acquisition market as competitive does not do it justice. Finding the right person to fill a position, and ensuring that their personality, experience, and attitude align with a firm’s vision, mission and goals is often akin to war. Finding good help is not only difficult, but also expensive, complicated and detail-oriented. Accordingly, it has been necessary for human resources to play a more strategic role in their respective organizations. Effective Approach for Human Resources Human resources is the entry point for all new employees into the company. The role of human resources has historically been confined to mundane administrative tasks related to payroll and benefits administration. However, modern science, psychology and technology reveal the importance of recruiting the right person for a specific position. One can person can topple a company, or bring it to new heights of glory. Right-Fit theory provides that a job candidate’s fit has less to do with their professional and/or educational experiences, and more to do with the sum of their parts. Meaning that, it is vital that recruiters and human resources look beyond a resume or job networking site profile and more so at the person’s life experience, attitude, culture, and background. This is necessary to accurately determine whether a candidate will be a
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