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Week 2 Individual Service Request Paper BSA/310 Business System Professor: Jennifer Streker Due: July 29, 2013 Kudler Fine foods is in the process of creating a frequent shopper program where their customer’s purchases will be tracked in which they will start to receive “loyalty” points that can be redeemable for high value items. Such a program can possible include legal, ethical, and information security concerns, and if implemented improperly can result in possible fines and or other costs. Further enhancement and modifications can be made on a needed basis. This type of implementation can happen as the company grows, allowing for progression that can be much easier to monitor and maintain. All employees will be carefully trained in…show more content…
Accurate tracking of all sales and incentives should be a must and should include a statement of any charges so that the customer is not questioning the accuracy of the system or the company’s ethics. The simple perceptions of Information Society ethics: responsibility, liability, and accountability, need to be reviewed to avoid these types of unethical decisions. Kudler Fine Foods needs to review and implement “The Golden Rule.” Train and retrain employees to follow the code of conduct that has been put into place by the company and this will gain the respect, trust, and most of all customer…show more content…
Kudler Fine Foods should have professionalism, privacy, security and most of all ethics. By concentrating on the legal, ethical and information security practices, Kudler Fine Foods can grow and expand in the modern society. Having a frequent shopper program can pose several risks or threats to Kudler Fine Foods customers and may involve the legal, ethical and information security aspects. By having a detailed analysis of all the predicted risks the company can apply the changes that need to be made to their existing practice. This can ensure a possible success of their new system and for the entire company as a whole. By changing the organizational structure to contain these types of practices, Kudler Fine Foods can gain the trust of their customers and will be able to expand into other desired areas or

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