Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis

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Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis The Crucible by Arthur Miller takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, where a theocratic government and a strong church define relationships in the town. The entire town is put to the test when a group of girls believes that there is witchcraft and demonology going on within the town of Salem. The strong relationships of the towns people changes as they blame others to save themselves of being blamed. Elizabeth Proctor is one of those accused of witchcraft, and unlike everyone else, doesn’t try to blame others in an effort to save herself. In the beginning of the story, Elizabeth acts as a moral woman who is judgmental of her husband, however she later changes into a person who lets her love for her husband stand in front of her personal beliefs; and in the end she combines both her love and ethic character in sacrificing her husband. In the beginning of the play, Elizabeth is a truthful woman who refused to lie to save herself from what others have said about her. Her husband John admitted that she has never lied, and is a very religious woman. She is also unsure about her ability to fully trust others, especially her husband. She was in wrath when her marriage with John has been ruined ever since she found out about the affair between John Proctor and Abigail William. When she found out about it she was very dumbfounded. In addition to judging John for his relationship with Abigail, Elizabeth distrusts Abigail’s accusations as well. Although John admits to his relations with Abigail in a conversation with Elizabeth, she finds it hard to believe his is being truthful. This quote presented later in the play, shows you how she is still skeptical about John’s feelings for Abigail; and also Abigail’s intensions in loving John. “Spoke or silent, a promise is surely made. And she may dote on it now- I am sure she does- and thinks to
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