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TOPIC: In the end, Lewis is a quietly transformed person who has achieved something important. Discuss. ESSAY: Cosi, a play written by Louis Nowra, is about a man who transforms himself from being timid and indecisive, into a man who knows what he wants and becomes more assertive. Lewis, the protagonist of the story, is a university student who is asked to choose a play and direct a group of mental patients to deliver a performance about love, and fidelity. Set in the 1970’s during the time of the Vietnam War, there is much controversy between the characters. Lewis sets out on his journey of transformation, finally realising his own desires and finding the person he is. We are introduced to Lewis along with other characters, most of which have somewhat conflicting mentalities and values. One of these characters happens to be Lewis’ “girlfriend”, Lucy, whom along with best friend Nick, and mental patient Doug believe in the idea of “free love”. At the time, free love was not looked upon so poorly in comparison to society today. These are examples of barriers that hinder…show more content…
Here, Lewis questions her and her morals, Lucy responds positively, like there is nothing wrong with the current situation. The reason for this is that Lucy’s beliefs differ from Lewis’, and as a result Lewis is dumbstruck to find that Lucy thinks this way. Nick, having the same views, supports Lucy and in doing so pushes Lewis away to do the play. In a way, the play within the play, Cosi, resembles parts of the actual story that have occurred. For instance, the purpose of the play within the play is to show that women are not always faithful; Lucy and even Julie, who is found to have a lesbian partner she wants to keep true to, have demonstrated this outside the play. This knowledge contributes to Lewis’ transformation, as he now knows what he wants to do, and understands how to handle himself and

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