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OCS Student Autobiography By OCS Program South Dakota OCS Class 15 April 2009 My name is Officer Candidate Bla. I was born to Bla and BLa on bla in the city of blah. I am the only child on my mother’s side and have two younger teen brothers on my father’s side. Life as a child was challenging for me. Growing up in Peru in the 90s while in the middle of a civil, war was very difficult. Events such as, car bombs and terrorist attacks on federal buildings were very common throughout Peru and especially in the Andean are where I was born. To make things worse at the age ten my parents’ divorced. We all knew of America being the land of the free and home of the brave so during this difficult times, my mother decided to take gamble everything, family, friends, and home, to As a result, my mother and I moved to America to have a fresh start on a new life. Being raised by a single mother in Los Angeles was very demanding and tough for both my mother and myself. Thankfully, my up bring in a Catholic/Military school in Peru, gave me the…show more content…
I had always filled the billet of one on my last tour but lacked only the commission. This was a trying time in my life. I found that being a civilian wasn’t completely cracked up to what it is supposed to be. I attended Hawaii Pacific University with dual majors in International Business and Marketing. During this time I had taken on a construction job to make ends meet and the reality of it really hit me. My prior service was just that to civilians and really led to nothing. It is something I believe we do for ourselves and the others in it. These are the people I consider to my brothers, my sisters, and the country I love today. I found myself in a very ambiguous position: I felt then and now that it is everyone’s duty to serve our nation. I couldn’t work for or with someone who hadn’t served. I had to make a

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