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Atonement by: Dexter Filkins 1.) Starting out as a wild teenager in Las Vegas, Lu Lobello became a troubled veteran by the age of thirty-one. The Marines had attacked many Iraqis but one family stood out among all the others. The Kachadooreans lost their father/husband and 2 brothers/sons on April 8, 2003. Lu began his search trying to find this family by reading articles on the war that took place and searching for names on Facebook. In the end, The Kachadooreans found it in their hearts to forgive Lu Lobello for what had happened that day. 2.) Once again, a Sunday evening study session. It is 8:30 p.m. and the house is quiet. As I start to read Atonement by Dexter Filkins, I cannot help but to be sad for this guy, Lu Lobello. I couldn’t imagine going through this amount of pain and suffering and how this had a major impact in his life today. I keep reading but to find myself starting to cry. Crying for the family who just lost their husband/father and brother/son.…show more content…
Not only did Lu find closure but also did the Kachadoorean family. 3.) As we see in this article, Atonement by Dexter Filkins, the theme to me is War equals tragic and peace equals happiness. The Marines were in Iraq to do their job. The Marines were forced to take action against any and all people who crossed the line and didn’t listen. “Some Marines below were calling to the cars to stop, but their voices were drowned out by the shooting. No one gave an order to fire, at least not on that any of the marines could recall later.” This is what led to the tragic death of the Kachadoorean

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