My Girl Essay

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My Girl Jennifer Joyner BSHS/342 October 21, 2012 Michelle DaLessio M.S.W My Girl The movie My Girl was produced in 1991 and it has to deal with a young girl who goes through many emotional feelings through her childhood. Vada Sultenfuss is the main character in the movie, and her father Harry Sultenfuss that is a funeral director and that has made it hard for Vada to deal with death. Vada thinks she was the one that caused her mother’s death when she dies giving birth to her. Vada has a best friend his name is Thomas he is not popular at school and that has made it harder for Vada to get along with the other girls in her class. Through the movie her father starts dating and gets engaged to a woman whom tries to help Vada with her emotional feelings. The story line takes a turn when Vada best friend dies from bee stings while trying to retrieve her mood ring she lost in the woods. Vada is in her middle childhood and that is a rough time for most girls at this age. Vada spends time worrying about herself and how she is changing physically. Vada is also a becoming a hypochondriac and misconceptions of death and how that evolves in her world. Cognitive Vada is mature for her age and dynamic learner. There is tension that Vada carries around with her based on the dynamics in her childhood from her mom passing away and her dad’s line of business in her home. Psychological outcome for Vada is her fear of death that causes her to run away from the issue. There are examples through the movie that describes her fear of death; one example would be her basketball going downstairs and her fear of getting the ball because of the dead bodies in the basement. When she finally finds the courage she gets locks in the basement and situation causes her to have a panic attack. Vada also displays signs of a hypochondriac thinking she will be sick or catch the illness of the
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