Importance of Military Formations and Time Hacks

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The key to proving to you and your leadership that you are a great soldier is understanding being to formations on time, not just because it's standard army wide, but because it will also help outside of the military environment. there are multiple key interests to focus on when trying to show yourself in that light. covering time management, responsibility and motivation will help you lead the way. Just like the saying has always been told, "If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, then you are late.". This would be the reason why we work with the ideology of always being 15 minutes early, and in some cases, even earlier than that in the military and in some cases in the outside world. After a while, soldiers will start to learn responsibility and time management techniques to fit daily tasks into our busy schedules, without failing to meet our time standards for formations. Within the military and civilian world, it is still equally important to be able to learn, value, and advance these skills to work for you. Once mastering these techniques, not only will you not get scolded for absences and late appearances, you will also look like a squared away, punctual soldier, with the look of being a motivated individual. Punctuality and responsibility for your own actions are key if you want to make being in the military as a career, let alone in the civilian world. Now, time management is a very easy technique to master, but the trick about it is that it is not something you just get, it is something you work for and is solely based on the individual involved. If you really work at it, stay motivated and practice using this technique, then it will come to you quickly and will be in your personal arsenal in your pursuit of seeming squared away. On the other side of that coin though, if you are generally unmotivated, lazy, or just plainly don't care, then
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