Mission Commander Research Paper

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Running head: STAKEHOLDERS: MISSION COMMANDERS Stakeholders: Mission Commanders Trident University International STAKEHOLDERS: MISSION COMMANDERS abstract Who are the stakeholders in this dilemma? I would say all servicemen and servicewomen in the United States military but more specifically, mission commanders. Wikipedia (2013) says, the Department of Defense estimates there are about 19,000 sexual assaults in the military per year but according to the latest Pentagon statistics (2013), only 1,108 troops filed for an investigation during the most recent yearly reporting period and during that period, only 575 cases were processed. Of the cases processed, only 96 went to court-martial. Mission commanders have to be concerned…show more content…
As with a civilian job, everyone loves a good leader. Commanders understand the must be good leaders to get the best out of their units. To counteract this issue, the air force uses multiple forms of training based on the situations of past scenarios of sexual assaults and harassment. The air force also decided to have its’ top leaders brief the men and women of the Air Force on the “Zero” tolerance policy and have the leaders of each Air Force installations do the same. There was also an additional day of training in which more emphasis was placed on the seriousness of the issue. This move from commanders gives us the impression that they want the best for all. Conclusion As the number show, the military has not solved this issue within the ranks. Reoccurring training can help but being vigilant and a good wingman will reinforce these standards. These numbers need to be reduced to keep quality of life at a high state and makes the workplace safe for all. Commanders lead by displaying honor and discipline. Making those troops that they lead aware of the consequences of this issue will show support for anyone who becomes a victim. It will also make them better
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