Unit 2 Business Level 3 Unit 8 P1

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Part one unit 8 Discussion Why are you going to school? Do you think your degree is the "magic formula"? What are those special qualities you possess? I am going to school for Business Administration not only to just learn something new, but to grow as a person and develop more in my skills as a manger to possibly run my own business or help run a company. I know the degree per say is not a “magic formula”, but it does help when going for work to show the employer that you are a little more serious about the position and that you have that advantage over entry level . You can be more confident going in for that position and having the knowledge to understand what you are doing. I believe that I possess qualities that are unique to me such…show more content…
No it is never easy but sometimes you can fake it till you make it. I try to look them in the eyes and speak clearly and not only show up my good qualities but let them know I am open to criticism and critiques and want to learn, that I am not all high and mighty type. What skills will make you stand out? I believe it is my ability to communicate and how fast I learn and catch on. My confidence and ability to get along well with others seems to help. How will you demonstrate this in a cover letter/resume? I try to communicate who I am in a way and my skills by carefully choosing words and what I am trying to portray and to whom. You try and look at the position you are applying for and play up those skills needed most. When is the best time to start working on your cover letter and resume? The best time to do your resume and cover letter is now, at the beginning and always review it and update it. You never know when an opportunity will arise and you will need it. You may be totally comfortable in your current position but someone or something may come along and be better and after careful consideration a great time for change. Always being prepared especially for your career is a must for
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