Selected Citations from Poor Richard's Almanack

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Selected Citations from Poor Richard's Almanack “None but the well-bred man knows how to confess a fault, or acknowledge himself in an error.” and “How few there are who have courage enough to own their Faults, or resolution enough to mend them!” These quotations basically mean that most people don't like to look inside themselves and see their flaws. A well-bred and courageous person sees who they are and acknowledges it without getting discouraged or insecure. The second part means that most people go on with their lives dealing with their flaws and trying to fix them to make themselves a better person. We all know that as humans it is in our nature that we make mistakes and faults but few of us have the guts to acknowledge their faults. These quotes is relevant to me that in every fault or failure I make I don’t have to be defensive about it but accept these mistakes and to use them as stepping stone to improve myself and change for the better. “Well done is better than well said.” and “Speak little, do much.” [The meaning of these words is fairly easy to understand, but they serve as an excellent reminder to us. The things that we DO for others are so much more important than the things we SAY to others. In other words: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” So simple… but so very important to the relationships we are trying to build every day. These quotations are very relevant to me, especially because I am a very expressive or kind of a talkative person. These reminded me that even how good or fancy I talk or say something, without backing it up with a clear action it is pointless. That is why it is better to just do more and talk less like the old saying tell us ‘Walk the talk’. Or the more I talk about something the more I should put a better effort in doing it. You would only prove a point if you back you words with definite and clear actions. “Keep

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