502 Promote Professional Development

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502 Promote professional Development As registered manager of Bangeston Hall it is vitally important that I focus on the professional development of myself and of those around me. The ever changing legislation that we work under drives the need to stay on top of what is current. In a large service ensuring that these developments and changes to legislation are filtered down to all levels is of vital importance. Therefore good communication systems are important[501].We use appraisal and supervision to set long and short term developmental goals this a more formal approach. This is followed up with informal discussions to ensure that everything is on track or if any changes and developments to circumstances are needed. We use an annual appraisal to set long term developmental goals. It is important that these goals are achievable and of relevance to the position. Then eight weekly supervisions are used to ensure that everything is on track and moving in the right direction. Mentoring is very good methods of helping people get the right concept of what is being asked, it gives the opportunity for time being spent on focusing on the areas that need it most, and that one to one support enables fast and efficient learning. Training needs analysis is a good tool to use when looking at the development of a team including yourself. It enables you to focus on the areas that need it most and can be specific and individual to meet the needs of all. It also gives you the opportunity to analyse what you have to offer as a service and where you fall short and need to buy in specific resources from external agencies. As a registered care home we have to work to Standards and regulations this is of vital importance as a requirement to meet our registered obligations, therefore certain aspects of training and development are set out for us, this gives the foundation for developing a
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